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US says Africa important but no apology for Trump

U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley told African envoys Thursday that "Africa is very important for the United States," but she didn't apologize for President Donald Trump's vulgar comment about the continent as they had demanded, the chair of the African Group said.

Equatorial Guinea's U.N. ambassador, Anatolio Ndong Mba, told two reporters after the closed meeting requested by Haley that "we do hope that that (apology) will come," perhaps from Trump to African leaders at their summit in Ethiopia on Jan. 28-29.

Ndong Mba said the 54-nation African Group at the United Nations gave Haley a "specific recommendation" but he refused to disclose it. Other diplomats, speaking on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to speak publicly, said it was to have Trump send a message to leaders at the summit.

Trump referred to African nat ions as "shithole countries" last week in dismissing a bipartisan immigration proposal, several participants at the meeting said. The president denied using that language.

The African Group issued a statement last Friday condemning Trump's "outrageous, racist and xenophobic remarks" and demanding a retraction and apology.

Ndong Mba said Haley told the ambassadors she wasn't at the meeting and wasn't sure what Trump said, but noted that "the president always has been talking very high of Africa."

"But she regretted all this situation that has been created," Ndong Mba said. "She said she regretted that a lot."

He called the meeting "very friendly" and "very frank."

"We appreciate the fact that she came, and she talked about all the cooperation between the United States and Africa, and that Africa is very important for the United States," Ndong Mba said .

Haley didn't mention anything about Trump's reported remarks in a tweet about her visit.

"Thank you to the Africa Group for meeting today," she said. "We discussed our long relationship and history of combatting HIV, fighting terrorism, and committing to peace throughout the region."

The African Union, the 55-member continental body, and a number of African nations have expressed shock and condemnation over Trump's remark.

Concern about the Trump administration was growing across Africa, the world's second most populous continent, even before the president's comment, over proposed deep cuts to U.S. foreign aid and a shift in focus in Africa toward countering extremism.

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Amitabh Bachchan takes 'Oscar-style selfie' with Netanyahu, other Bollywood celebrities at Mumbai event

Amitabh Bachchan takes ‘Oscar-style selfie’ with Netanyahu, other Bollywood celebrities at Mumbai event

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attended the Shalom Bollywood event in Mumbai where he hailed the friendship between the two countries and proposed an ‘Oscar selfie’.

india Updated: Jan 19, 2018 08:24 IST Press Trust of India, Mumbai Actor Amitabh Bachchan takes a selfie with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (centre), his wife Sara and other guests at the Shalom Bollywood event in Mumbai on Thursday. Actor Amitabh Bachchan takes a selfie with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (centre), his wife Sara and other guests at the Shalom Bollywood event in Mumbai on Thursday. (AFP Photo)

Recreating the viral ‘Oscar selfie’, which featured several Hollywood stars in one picture, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu posed with Bollywood superstars as a sign of the “great friendship” between India and Israel on Thursday night.

Netanyahu was at “Shalom Bollywood” event in Mumbai, where top stars from the industry were present, including Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Abhishek Bachchan, and filmmaker Karan Johar.

“I want everyone in Indian and Israel to know about the phenomenal friendship between our countries. So I’ve an idea. One of the most viral pictures took place at the Oscars where several celebrities took a selfie together,” Netanyahu said.

“So I want all the Bollywood actors, directors, producers present here to join me ri ght now for a selfie so millions of people can see the great friendship between the two countries,” he added.

Posing for the selfie were Bollywood guests such as Bachchan and his family, Johar, Randhir Kapoor, Vivek Oberoi, Sara Ali Khan, filmmaker Imtiaz Ali, Madhur Bhandarkar, Nikkhil Advani, Abhishek Kapoor, Subhash Ghai, lyricist Prasoon Joshi among others.

Aishwarya along with producer Ronnie Screwvala welcomed the Prime Minister and the first lady, Sara Netanyahu.

Karan Johar’s production “Drive” became the first Bollywood film to be shot in Israel for which Johar along with Dharma Productions CEO Apoorva Mehta were felicitated by Netanyahu.

At the event, Bachchan gave the keynote address where he spoke about how, from a time when acting in films was looked down upon, today Bollywood has become a parallel culture.

Bachchan, 75, said when “we as a community watch films in a darkened hall, we never ask the caste or creed, or colour or reli gion of the person sitting next to us. We enjoy the same film, laugh at the same joke, cry at the same emotion. In a world where we see humanity disintegrating in front of us, cinema is perhaps (among) the few yet prominent entities that bring people together.”

Netanyahu in his address quipped that Bachchan has “30 million more followers than me on Twitter” and stressed how if India and Israel come together, “magic will happen.”

Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis was also present at the event.

Choreographer Terence Lewis along with his group brought the curtain down with a dance medley.

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GST on 29 items, 54 services cut; experts say govt must ensure e-way bill process is bug-free

New Delhi: The all-powerful GST Council cut tax rate on 29 goods, including second-hand vehicles, confectionery and bio-diesel, while veering around to simplifying return filing process for businesses. Also, tax rate on 54 categories of services, including certain job works, tailoring services and admission to theme parks, have been lowered.

The panel at its next meeting may also consider bringing under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) purview items like petroleum and real estate which are currently outside the new regime, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said.

The Council cut GST rate on second-hand medium and large cars and SUVs from 28 percent to 18 percent and on other old and used motor vehicles to 12 percent.

Tax on diamonds and precious stones was slashed to 0.25 percent from current 3 percent.

While tax rate for b io-diesel was slashed to 12 percent from 18 per cent, that for public transport buses run on environment-friendly bio-fuels has been reduced to 18 percent from 28 percent previously.

Tax rate on irrigation equipment, sugar boiled confectionery, drinking water packed in 20-litre bottles, fertiliser grade phosphoric acid, tamarind kernel power, mehendi paste in cones, LPG supplied by private distributors, articles of straw, velvet fabric and rice bran was also cut. The new rates would be effective from 25 January.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. PTI image

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. PTI image

The Council, in its 25th meeting on Thursday, also discussed process to make return filing simpler with just one return to be filed every month.

Infosys non-executive chairman Nandan Nilekani made a presentation on simplification of the return filing proces s. The Council discussed the possibility of retaining only GSTR-3B or initial sales return, while mandating sellers to upload their invoices.

Jaitley said the GSTR-3B and the invoices can be matched by tax officers; and in case of difference, at a later stage businesses can be asked to explained.

"It was finally culminating into filing 3B returns and supplier invoice, which would be adequate," he said, adding that the Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi, GSTN chairman Ajay Bhusan Pandey and Nilekani would formalise the structure and a final decision would be taken at the next meeting of the Council. Asked if filing only one return is the way forward, he said "that seems to be the course".

Businesses at present have to file GSTR-3B as well as GSTR-1, which is the final invoice wise sales returns. Jaitley said the next meeting may also consider bringing items that are currently in GST within the new tax regime.

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) was rolled out from 1 July, 2017 by subsuming most of the Central and State indirect taxes into a single tax. But, crude oil, natural gas, diesel, petrol and ATF have not been included in the ambit of GST as of now. Also, real estate was kept out of the GST.

The minister further said that a nation-wide roll out of e-way bill will happen on 1 February for inter-state transportation of goods through roads. Additionally, 15 states have said they will also start off with e-way bill for intra-state movement of goods on the same day. "Therefore, the trade and transport industry have to comply with," he said, adding that the e-way bill would act as anti-evasion measure.

In view of declining GST revenues, the Council, chaired by Jaitley and comprising his state counterparts reviewed the collections in the new indirect tax regime.

Jaitley said so far the government was relying on unilateral declaration made by the business, and in view of declining c ollections, there was a need for anti-evasion measure.

"So far it was voluntary compliance without anti-evasion measures. With all anti-evasion measures put in place, the collections will pick up," he said.

The GST revenue mop-up has been steadily declining over the month as from over Rs 95,000 crore collected in July, it has come down to about Rs 81,000 crore in November.

Jaitley further said that tax revenues from businesses opting for composition scheme was a matter of "serious concern" as 17 lakh businesses who have opted for the scheme have paid a cumulative tax of Rs 307 crore in the first quarter. "There seem to be under declaration as far as collections from composition scheme are concerned," he said.

Some tweaking in the scheme is expected when the Council discusses amending the Central GST, State GST and Integrated GST Acts in its next meeting, which will be held through video conferencing.

The amendments to these laws would be placed before Parliament in the second leg of Budget session. The first phase of the session will be from 29 January to 9 February. After a recess, Parliament will meet again from 5 March to 6 April. Besides, in view of a hefty Rs 35,000 crore unclaimed credit lying in form of IGST collections, the Council also decided to provisionally divide the amount equally between the
Centre and states.

"It will ease indirect tax position of the Centre and states. In direct taxes, we are ahead of target... In last few months, direct tax has grown substantially," he said.

Besides, the Council also accepted the report of the CBEC Chairperson Vanaja Sarna headed committee on handicraft sector. Now the fitment committee will decide on which handicraft items the rates could be lowered.

Experts react

Deloitte India Director M S Mani: It is expected that an announceme nt on the return simplification process in the next meeting in ten days would be good if the views of industry are also taken into account in the process as the taxpayers would have many useful suggestions to offer. It appears that the some anti evasion measures will be rolled out over a period of time starting with the e-way bill. - this seems to be influenced by the lower collections in the past two months.

It is clear that the e-way bill is only the first step in curbing GST leakages, several more steps such as reintroduction of reverse charge on transactions with unregistered dealers, scrutiny and audits should now be expected the reduction in rates on several services and goods which are highly employment oriented indicates that the government has considered the larger economic impact of GST the fact that 15 states are rolling out the e-way bill for transactions within the state from 1st February, although they had time till 1 June, indicates that there is significant c oncern on introducing anti evasion measures. We should expect more steps such as reintroduction of RCM to follow.

Pratik Jain, Leader-indirect Tax, PwC: Two most crucial decisions in terms of simplification of return process and most legislative changes have now been deferred to next meeting. While simplification and merging multiple monthly returns into a single return would be good in concept, it needs to be ensured that invoice level details are made available to the buyers on a real time basis so that remedial action can be taken without waiting for assessment or audit.

Rates have again been rationalized on few items, which is a step in the right direction. One would expect that over next few months, this process would continue, particularly with respect to 28 percent category, which should only be for select luxury and demerit products. In many cases like works contract services or used motor vehicles the reduction of rate might have been due to restricti on of input credit. Therefore, there is a good case to further liberalize the input credit regime.

There are indications that reverse charge levy on purchase from unregistered businesses could come back for composition dealers, which is important to plug the possible tax leakage. The highlight of the meeting was focus on 'anti evasion' measures due to dip in revenue collection. This could mean tightening of tax administration over next few months, which industry would need to be prepared for.

Vishal Raheja, DGM, Taxmann: It was highly expected that GST Council would decide the fate of petroleum products under GST to remove cascading effect but unfortunately no decision has been taken yet. Also, all powerful GST Council has not finalized single form return under GST which was the main agenda of meeting. But it is important to note that GST on 29 handicrafts items have been reduced to zero percent which will increase competitiveness in international ma rkets and exports will increase which in turn boost economy. One another major decision which is taken today is to implement mechanism of e-way bill from 1 February.

Abhishek Jain, Tax Partner, EY: Keeping in mind the revenue evasion concern, the Union Finance Minister reiterated introduction of E-way Bills w.e.f. February 1, 2018 for inter-state transactions. Further, 15 States have decided to implement E-way Bills for intra-state transaction as well w.e.f. February 1, 2018 even though they had an option to do it on or before June 1, 2018. Accordingly, it will be very critical for the industry to immediately set up processes around the entire E-way Bill requirement and also train their supply chain team and transporters in this area. Also it is important that the Government portal for issuing E-way bills works bug-free. If either the industry is not ready or the Government IT system is not smooth, it may result in a severe supply chain bottleneck.

Priyaji t Ghosh, Partner, Indirect Tax, KPMG in India: A lot of decisions were expected out of the 25th meeting while not many of them appears to be finally decided for implementation. However, it appears that progress has been made on a few relatively complex areas such as simplification of return filing system, tweaking the composition scheme, introduction of reverse charge on certain transaction.

Consensus appears to be in favour of continuance of summary level filing and invoice level supply filing, in some form, instead of detailed 3 return monthly filing system. E-way bill system to be implemented from 1 February is likely to see enhanced level of enforcement as the Government banks on the system to arrest the declining GST collections. No lesser expectation is from the next council meeting, ahead of the Union Budget by the end of this month, which is likely to finalize many aspects including first discussion on inclusion of real estate and petroleum products in GST.

< p>Abhishek A Rastogi, Partner, Khaitan & Co: With an object of generating employment and ease of doing business, certain key decisions have been made. As a corollary, rates were amended for 29 goods and 53 services. This is indeed a populist move including decision of 40 handicraft items. Another important measure is with respect to Form 3B which will continue but has been simplified. The suppliers invoices remain a basis for tax payment and credits claimed.

As an anti-evasion measure, E-way bill to be operative with effect from February 1 for inter-state transactions. 15 States have announced it even for infra-state transactions. This time the compliance starts after robust system testing. While the direct tax collections are well ahead of target, the indirect tax collections needs to be closely watched especially in light of huge IGST credit and transitional credits.

Vinay Sethi, Head, Market Development, Tax and Accounting, Thomson Reuters, South As ia: The 25th meeting of the GST council held against the backdrop of falling GST collections resulted in some positives such as reduction of GST rates on handicraft goods as the higher rate of GST would have adversely impacted the large population employed in handicrafts industry; reduction in rates of multiple services; expediting of efforts towards simplification of return filing process and consolidation of GSTR-1,2 and 3; commitment to bring the petroleum products and real estate under the purview of GST sooner than later.

Mandatory Issuance of inter-state e-waybill from next month is an anti-evasion measure that the government has introduced and it is important that the platform provided to businesses is robust to provide hassle free compliance of the e-way bill process.

(With PTI inputs)

Published Date: Jan 19, 2018 07:47 AM | Updated Date: Jan 19, 2018 08:12 AM

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Dissenting SC judges offer peace plan to Padmaavat ban overruled: Top stories of the day

Dissenting SC judges offer peace plan to Padmaavat ban overruled: Top stories of the day

The Supreme Court set aside Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana, MP’s orders disallowing the controversial mov Padmaavat. The National Investigation Agency charged 12 people with financing terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. These were the top stories on Thursday.

india Updated: Jan 19, 2018 07:31 IST HT Correspondent HT Correspondent
Hindustan Times, New Delhi People hold a banner during a    protest demanding ban over the screening of film 'Padmaavat' in Meerut. People hold a banner during a protest demanding ban over the screening of film 'Padmaavat' in Meerut.(PTI File Photo)

The Supreme Court set aside Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana, MP’s orders disallowing controversial movie Padmavaat. The National Investigation Agency charged 12 people with financing terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. Virat Kohli is ICC’s Cricketer of The Year. These were the top stories on Thursday. Here is more about them.

Dissenting SC judges meet Chief Justice for solution

The four senior judges of Supreme Court who publicly criticised Chief Justice Dipak Misra have recommended the creation of a committee of senior judges that will assign sensitive and important cases. Justices Jasti Chelameswar, Ranjan Gogoi, Machdan B Lokur and Kurien Joseph met Misra for the second time this week and put forth their proposal to allocate cases.

Play on, Padmaavat: Supreme Court suspends states’ ban on movie

The Supreme Court barred states from disallowing Padmaavat, clearing the controversial movie for release across India on January 25. The censor board had cleared the movie, but Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh banned it after Rajput groups protested its portrayal of a legendary queen. The states said they will look for legal options and right wing Hindu groups said they will not heed the court’s order.

Hafiz Saeed, Syed Salahuddin, charged with funding terrorism in Kashmir

Pakistan-based militants Hafiz Saeed and Syed Salahuddin are among the 12 people charged by India’s National Investigation Agency for allegedly funding terrorism and secessionism in Kashmir. The agency’s chargesheet, which was filed before a court in Delhi, accused Hurriyat Conference leaders, hawala agents and stone-pelters of carrying out terror ist attacks and instigating violence in Jammu and Kashmir as a part of a “well-planned” criminal conspiracy.

Netanyahu visits Mumbai, calls Israel-India partnership “match made in heaven”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saidhis country and India were a “match made in heaven” as he met top Indian CEOs, industrialists and bankers in Mumbai. “Israel is an innovation nation, India is an innovation nation. The two innovation nations must come together to define the future,” he said. Netanyahu later paid pay homage to the victims of 2008 Mumbai terror attacks and visited a Jewish centre along with Moshe Holtzberg, an 11-year-old survivor of the attacks.

Virat Kohli celebrates the fall of a Pakistani batsman at the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy final in London. (Reu ters)

Virat Kohli named Cricketer of the Year by ICC

Virat Kohli was crowned cricketer of the year by the sport’s world governing body, capping off a strong innings for the Indian skipper across all three formats of the game. Australian captain Steve Smith was named Test player of the year in the International Cricket Council annual awards.

52 killed in Kazakhstan bus fire

A bus fire in northwestern Kazakhstan killed 52 Uzbek citizens on a route used by migrant workers heading to Russia, the Kazakh Interior Ministry said. The bus was travelling along a road in the remote Aktobe region that links the Russian city of Samara to Shymkent, a city in southern Kazakhstan close to the Uzbek border.

Tripura to vote on February 19; Nagaland and Meghalaya on February 27

Tripura will hold Assembly electionson February 18 and Meghalaya and Nagaland on February 27. Results will be announced on March 3. The three states have just 60 assembly seats each, bu t are significant for national political parties. The BJP rules in 19 states now and wants to add more to its kitty. Of the three poll-bound states, Meghalaya is ruled by the Congress.

GST Council cuts tax rates on 29 items, discusses making return filing process simpler

The Goods and Services Tax Council (GST Council) cut tax rates on 29 products and 54 services at its 25th meeting and agreed to make the process of filing tax returns simpler. The federal indirect tax body cut rates on products including pre-owned vehicles, household cooking gas cylinders from private suppliers and precious stones.

Donald Trump unveils ‘Fake News Awards’

Donald Trump, who is accused of peddling conspiracy theories and mistruths, sought to question the accuracy of the media on Wednesday by unveiling the so-called “Fake News Awards”. The US president announced his top-ten list--which included his regular targets CNN, The New York Times and The Washington Post--using hi s preferred medium of Twitter.

No space to store demonetised currency notes worth Rs 100 crore

The Uttar Pradesh police can’t find a place to keep the demonetised currency notes worth Rs 100 crore seized from a half-built house in Kanpur on Tuesday night. Police brought five 4x6-feet trunks to store the notes, but its maalkhanas (storage houses) in Kanpur are full, and the district treasury doesn’t have space either.

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Drunk driver given community service for killing man, injuring gardaí

A drunk driver, who killed an elderly pedestrian and injured two gardaí â€" one of them seriously â€" has been given 240 hours community service in lieu of a four-year prison sentence.

Father-of-two Adrian Nestor (44), from Keamsella, Kilcolgan, Galway, was also disqualified from driving for four years at Galway Circuit Criminal Court on Thursday.

He pleaded guilty last November to causing the death of Liam McDonnell (66) and causing serious bodily harm to Garda Sharon Casserly by driving dangerously near Ardrahan in the early hours of February 1st, 2016.

He also pleaded guilty to drivi ng while drunk and having a blood/ alcohol reading of 272 mgs of alcohol per 100mls of blood at the time of the fatal collision.

Sentence had been adjourned to Thursday for the preparation of reports and victim impact statements.

Superintendent Sean Glynn gave evidence that staff at a local nursing home rang gardaí at 11.35pm on Sunday night, January 31st, 2016, to say a resident had left the premises and they were concerned because he was wearing dark clothing. Two garda cars were despatched to look for Mr McDonnell and just over half an hour later, at 12.10am, Garda Casserly and Garda Peter Murtagh, who were in one of the patrol cars, located Mr McDonnell. He was down on the ground on his hands and knees, on the hard shoulder about 1.5km on the Galway side of Ardrahan.

Flashing lights

The patrol car pulled in on the hard shoulder, three to four meters behind Mr McDonnell, facing in the direction of oncoming traffic. Its dipped headlights and blue flashing lights were on.

Mr McDonnell appeared intoxicated and he resisted efforts by both gardaí to get him into the patrol car.

Supt Glynn said that as both gardaí were getting him into the patrol car, they were struck without warning by a silver Audi car. The collision, he said, occurred at 12.30am on February 1st 2016. The force of the impact caused Mr McDonnellâ €™s death and his body was found in a nearby field. Garda Casserly received severe injuries and her colleague could hear her screaming in agony as she lay further down the road in on the hard shoulder.

Garda Murtagh sustained a broken leg, a large cut to his head and damage to his knees and ankles and he could not move to help his colleague. He rang the emergency services from his mobile phone and told Nestor to go to a nearby house for help.

Nestor, who sustained a minor head injury in the collision, was later arrested. He told gardaí he left his home at 7pm the previous evening to attend a wake nea r Ardrahan.

Supt Glynn said Mr McDonnell was pronounced dead at the scene. A subsequent toxicology report showed he had 182 mgs of ethanol in his system, which came within the toxic range.

A brief victim impact statement from Mr McDonnell’s ex-wife, was read into evidence. “I’m not looking for anything except clemency for his (Nestor’s) young family, as jail will not help bring Liam back,” it read.


Impact statements from Mr McDonnell’s two grown-up daughters were also read out. Both said their father had been a talented musician, writer and artist until alcoholism took over his life and rendered him homeless. They thanked COPE and the Simon Community f or the excellent care their father had received through the years and urged people to donate to both services.

Supt Glynn confirmed Nestor had no previous convictions and was married with two children.

Garda Casserly read her own victim impact statement. She listed the multiple injuries she sustained, including a brain injury, and the court heard she also suffered a stroke while in hospital which left her paralysed on her right side for a time. She had to cancel her wedding day which was due to take place the following June and her career prospects have been put on hold. “My life has been turned upside down because of the mindless and selfish actions of a drunken driver,” she said.

< p>Garda Murtagh told the court that while he suffered serious physical injuries he said his one lasting regret was for Mr McDonnell. “I feel like I failed in my duty to protect him,” he said.

Mr Nestor apologised in court to Mr McDonnell’s family and to both injured gardaí who were also present. He told the court he had contemplated taking his own life after what happened.

“I will forever beat myself up for getting behind the wheel with alcohol taken,” he said.

Previous good record

Judge Rory McCabe said everyone accepted Nestor’s remorse was genuine but the fact was that he had consumed alcohol before driving. Taking Nestor’s previous good record, his genuine remorse, his mental state and the very positive probation report â€" which deemed him suitable for community service â€" into account, Judge McCabe said the interests of justice would not be served by imposing an immediate custodial sentence.

He said the appropriate sentence was to impose the maximum of 240 hours of community service in lieu of a four-year prison sentence for the charge of dangerous driving causing death and serious injury, along with a four-year disqualification. The judge also fined Nestor €1,000 and disqualified him for three years for the drink-driving charge.

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Nyali guards to face murder charges over banker death

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Nyali guards to face murder charges over banker death
Fridah George consoles Grace Wokabi wife of banker killed by night guards at Nyali Mombasa county last week.Photo / JOHN CHESOLI
Fridah George consoles Grace Wokabi wife of banker killed by night guards at Nyali Mombasa county last week.Photo / JOHN CHESOLI

Two guards have been charged with assault in connection with t he death of a Mombasa-based banker on Sunday. Police are hunting for three others.

They are accused of beating David Wokabi, who later succumbed to head injuries at the Aga Khan Hospital.

The Solvit Security Firm guards attacked Wokabi after he allegedly urinated at an undesignated area within Nyali Centre.

Wokabi worked at Stanbic Bank, located within the centre that also hosts clubs, supermarkets and several business premises.

He tried to drive away after the incident but was stopped by the guards at the gate. A confrontation ensued and the guards dragged Wokabi from his car and stabbed him several times.

CCTV footage shows at least five guards beating Wokabi who appeared defenceless. They left him unconscious at the gate during the 3am incident.

The 34-year-old father of two was rushed to Jocham Hospital where doctors recommended that he be transferred to the Aga Khan Hospital.

He succumbed to multiple head and neck injuries at the Agha Khan’s intensive care unit on Sunday. A postmortem report showed Wokabi had a damaged skull and cuts on his neck.

“He died of brain damage due to the severe injuries that pushed him into a comma,” his widow Grace Wokabi said. She said there was foul play in her husband’s death, alleging that the guards knew him since they were working at the same centre.

Kisauni police boss Musee Sangura said they were hunting for the three others. Those arrested, Hamisi Karisa and Saidi Mwalugo were detained at the Shimo la Tewa police station. They had pleaded not guilty to the assault charges in a Shanzu court.

“The three other suspects are still at large and we will be amend their charges to murder,” Sangura said.

The security company said they were cooperating with police to arrest the guards on the run. “We are aware of the incident and we are sending condolences to the family. It is very unfortunate,” the firm’s operation manager Christopher Wair oma said.

He denied claims that the company was covering up the incident by denying the family access to CCTV footage and details of the three guards yet to be arrested.Wairoma said the details had been given to police.

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