Netizen 24 ISR: James Harrison won't watch the Steelers play the Jaguars

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James Harrison won't watch the Steelers play the Jaguars

Patriots linebacker James Harrison would seem to have a lot of interest in today’s Jaguars-Steelers game. Not only does the winner play at New England next week in the AFC Championship Game, but the Steelers are the team Harrison spent most of his career with until they cut him last month.

But Harrison said after the Patriots’ Saturday night game that he doesn’t particularly care about Steelers-Jaguars and won’t watch it until it’s time to start film study on Monday.

“I don’t pay attention to sports,” Harrison said. “I’m not a sports fan. If my kid’s not playing it, I don’t watch it. If it’s not film study, I don’t watch it. I’m not really into it. . . . It’s my job. I want to get away from my job. You know?”

Would Harrison ever invite his buddies over to watch football?

“Like, all the guys get together and watch a game, like, that’s not interesting to me,” Harrison said.

Harrison said refusing to watch today’s game in Pittsburgh has nothing to do with his feelings about the team.

“Nah, those guys over there know I don’t watch football,” Harrison said. “I haven’t watched football â€" I play it because I can do it. I’m decent at it. It’s a job.”

Harrison is far from the only football player who doesn’t love football the way a fan does. He’ll find out who won after the game is over, and start preparing accordingly.

Source: Google News

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