Netizen 24 ISR: Three more Chinese nationals suspected of ATM skimming fraud arrested, Rs 2.3 million recovered

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Three more Chinese nationals suspected of ATM skimming fraud arrested, Rs 2.3 million recovered

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KARACHI: “Another three Chinese nationals suspected of ATM skimming fraud have been arrested in Karachi while 2.3 million and 350 ATM cards have been recovered from their possession,” Clifton Police Superintendent (SP) Dr Asad Malhi said on Sunday.

Dr Malhi told the media that the police had made the arrests after receiving regarding suspicious activities of a group of Chinese men in Defence phase-II on Saturday night, however, two of their accomplices managed to escape.

The SP said that according to their initial analysis, the group is believed to be a part of an organised gang which employs young Chinese men for skimming frauds.
The suspects were handed over to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), he informed.

The incident takes the number of Chinese men arrested within this week in relati on to ATM skimming frauds in Karachi to six.

Earlier in the week, two Chinese men were arrested for allegedly planting a skimming device at a Habib Bank Ltd ATM in Zainab Market while another was arrested today in Bahadurabad.

On the rise in recent days, the incidents of ATM skimming in Karachi appear to have first surfaced in 2016. The criminals used skimmers to capture banking data off debit and credit cards.

Skimmers are physical devices that are installed over the actual ATM card slots that read the data of the magnetic strips.

Incidents of skimming seem to have become more frequent and widespread since then â"€ taking place in Rawalpindi and Azad Jammu and Kashmir â"€ with a bank confirming in December 2017 that over Rs10 million had been stolen from 559 of its accounts.

A bank executive told the media that transactions had been traced to Indonesia, China, and other countries.

Several foreigners have been arrested for allegedly stealing data from banks using skimming devices at ATM facilities.

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