Netizen 24 ISR: Quorum hitch forces the National Assembly to adjourn

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Quorum hitch forces the National Assembly to adjourn


The National Assembly was forced to adjourn prematurely owing to lack of business after committee chairpersons failed to submit reports to guide debate on bills.

MP’s faulted the committee leadership for grounding house business calling for diligence.

At the same time NASA coalition requested the speaker to shelve debate on appointment of members to the parliamentary service commission to allow for more consultation.

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In Thursday’s order paper top on their agenda was to dispense with the appointment of members of the parliamentary service commission.

PSC manages the budget of the legislature which is over 35 Billion shillings. The business had to be postponed after the minority party requested for more time to settle on their representative.

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Next order was debate on Nairobi metropolitan area transport authority bill, a controversial law proposed by the government that the opposition thinks might be aimed at usurping powers and functions of the Nairobi county government.

The debate on the proposed law was however postponed owing to lack of a report on the proposed law by the transport committee chairperson.

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Debate on the Kenya roads bill also lined up for debate suffered the same fate as the Nairobi metropolitan area transport authority bill.

Mps faulted some of the chairpersons of the committee for perceived laxity with the house forced to break barely one hour after convening for the afternoon sitting owing to lack of business.

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