Netizen 24 ISR: Stephen Hawking visited India for 16 days in 2001 - and it was a 'magnificent' tour

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Stephen Hawking visited India for 16 days in 2001 - and it was a 'magnificent' tour

Stephen Hawking visited India for 16 days in 2001 - and it was a 'magnificent' tourIANS|Mar 14, 2018, 06.41 PM IST


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NEW DELHI: It was January 2001 when British physicist Stephen Hawking came to India for the first time, later describing the 16-day long tour as "magnificent".
In the first leg of the tour in Mumbai, Hawking addressed an international physics seminar at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR).
He was felicitated with the first "Sarojini Damodaran Fellowship" during the "Strings 2001" conference.
Hawking delivered several lectures during the five-day seminar, including one titled "The Universe in a Nutshell," Quartz reported on Wednesday.
Later, Hawking took a city tour in a specially designed vehicle from Mahindra & Mahindra that accommodated his wheelchair.
The physicist also celebrated his 59th birthday at the Oberoi Towers hotel where he stayed.
In New Delhi, Hawking met then President K.R. Narayanan at Rashtrapati Bhavan who la ter described the 45-minute meeting with the British physicist as "an unforgettable experience".
"Indians are so good at mathematics and physics", the British theoretical physicist had told the President.
According to Narayanan, Hawking was the "symbol of human hope and inspiration for all those who are handicapped in one way or the other".
Hawking also visited Jantar Mantar and Qutab Minar.
He delivered the Albert Einstein Memorial Lecture in New Delhi on January 15.
Hawking, who shaped modern cosmology and inspired millions despite suffering from a life-threatening condition, died on Wednesday. He was 76. Want stories like this in your inbox? Sign up for the daily ET Panache newsletter.
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The End Of An Era: Interesting Facts About Stephen Hawking

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A Bright Star Gone

14 Mar, 2018The British physicist Stephen Hawking passed away on Wednesday morning at the age of 76. The author of 'A Brief History of Time' died peacefully at his home in Cambridge in England, a spokesman for his family confirmed in a statement. Here's a quick glimpse at his life... (Image: Stephen Hawking's Facebook Page)


14 Mar, 2018The theoretical physicist was born exactly 300 years after the death of Galileo in Oxford, England. Despite having a house in north London, his parents chose to raise children in Oxford because it was considered a safer place to have babies during World War II. (Image: www.haw


14 Mar, 2018After studying in St Albans School in a town, which was about 20 miles north of London, Hawkings went on to his father's old college, University College, Oxford (1952). He wanted to pursue Mathematics, but the subject wasn't available in the university. Hence, he followed his took up physics even though his father wanted his to pursue medicine. After being dedicated for three years, he was awarded the first class honours degree in natural science. (Image: Stephen Hawking's Facebook Page)

Awards and Honorary Degrees

14 Mar, 2018Professor Stephen Hawking has thirteen honorary degrees. He was awarded CBE (1982), Companion of Honour (1989) and the Presidential Medal of Freedom (2009). He is the recipient of many awards, medals and prizes like like Fundamental Physics prize (2013), Copley Medal (2006) and the Wolf Foundation prize (1988). He is a Fellow of the Royal Society and a member of the US National Academy of Scienc es and the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. (Image: Stephen Hawking's Facebook Page)

Personal Life

14 Mar, 2018At the age of 21, he was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), a form motor neurone disease, in 1963 shortly after his birthday. Despite being wheelchair-bound and dependent on a computerised voice system for communication, Hawking continued his research into theoretical physics. He also took up public lectures and extensive programme of travel followng the illness. He also has a family of three children and three grandchildren. (Image: Stephen Hawking's Facebook Page)

Stephen Hawking Leaves Behind His Legacy In The Form Of Books

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The Prolific Author

14 Mar, 2018Stephen Hawking was a prolific author with a knack for making books on challenging scientific topics engaging to a wide spectrum of readers. The physicist is best known for his best-selling 1988 classic 'A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes,' which was intended to help people without a strong scientific background understand key questions of physics and human existence. In it, he discusses the origins of the universe and its future. Among his other books are: (Image: Reuters &

'George And The Unbreakable Code' And Other Stories

14 Mar, 2018Written by Hawking and his daughter, Lucy, this was a series of illustrated children's books to explain 'secret keys to the universe' to younger readers. The books deal with complex topics incl uding the Big Bang. (Image:

'My Brief History'

14 Mar, 2018A very personal memoir published in 2013 in which Hawking deals among other things with his childhood, his evolution as a thinker and scientist, the impact of his ALS diagnosis when he was 21 and the ways in which the prospect of an early death affected his work. (Image:

'The Grand Design'

14 Mar, 2018Hawking said this 2010 book co-written with American physicist Leonard Mlodinow was intended to address important unanswered questions such as why there is a universe and whether the universe needed a creator and designer. Hawking said his thinking had been influenced by significant advancements in physics that had followed publication of 'A Brief History of Time.' (Image:

'On the Shoulders of Giants'

14 Mar, 2018Published in 2003, Hawking writes about the great astronomers and physicists who preceded them , presenting in a single volume a vast history of the field that makes heavy use of original papers by Einstein, Copernicus, Newton and many others. Hawking puts each in context and explains their role in altering the course of science as mankind moved out of the Middle Ages. (Image: more onStephen Hawkingindia visit

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