Summer in Israel 2018: Haaretz's Ultimate Guide

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Summer in Israel 2018: Haaretz's Ultimate Guide

Aviv beach, which connects Tel Aviv and Jaffa. In the background is the old city of Jaffa.

Four things make Israel a Mediterranean mecca for tourists: top cuisine, 24/7 parties, endless sunshine and, of course, history. Whether it's your first time here or you find yourself visiting your relatives from Netanya for the 100th time, this is our ultimate 2018 guide with the best tips, recommendations, hidden gems â€" and some cautionary tales.

Chef Raz Rahav at his restaurant OCD, which was chosen as the best in Israel.

>> Let's go straight to the main dish. These are the 20 Best Restaurants in Israel Right Now, at least according to the food experts at Gault & Millau.

Burger and fries from the Tel Aviv restaurant Memphis.

>> In case your taste buds can only detect flesh, this is where you can find the Absolute Best Burger in Tel Aviv. If you are a vegan, then Tel Aviv is definitely the place for you this summer. These are the Six Best Vegan Restaurants in the city right now. We love those great juices at Neroli, a favorite among models and serious juice cleansers.

Urban Shaman. The atmosphere is fun and you learn a new language.
Habima Square in Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

>> No meal is compl ete without the ultimate weapon against the unbearable humidity: ice cream! Make sure you get familiar with the Best Ice Cream Parlors across the country.

Anita, in the center of the upscale Tel Aviv neighborhood of Neveh Tzedek.

>> In case you want to be in with the local "it crowd," we have the 10 Best-kept Street Food Secrets in Tel Aviv and Tel Aviv's Best Clubs: The Ultimate Nightlife Guide.

Tel Aviv's Haoman 17 club.

>> lf you are planning to visit Jerusalem and happen to be a culture buff, then check out our Hipster's Guide to East Jerusalem, with hidden cafés, chic galleries and a small yet strong art community.

Educational Bookshop on Salah Eddin Street in East Jerusalem. Magazines, books and good coffee.
The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

>> Another great place to visit is the ancient port city of Acre, which boasts many culinary treasures. To learn more about Acre, you can also read about turning Acre's old city into a touristic attraction.

Acre port.
The market in Acre’s Old City.

>> A visit to Tel Aviv-Jaffa should always include the Jaffa area. Flee Tel Aviv's hustle and bustle by visiting Jaffa's flea market, which became â€" with the aid of some shameless gentrification â€" a trendy location. We found the 10 Best Places to Eat and Drink in Jaffa's Flea Market.

A woman dancing next to a restaurant in Jaffa's flea market.
A graffiti tour in Florentin.

>> On the way to Jaffa you should visit Florentin, not before you read Wh at Brings Tourists to Tel Aviv's Shabby Florentin Neighborhood?

>> And since we want to make sure you survive your Israel experience and come back again, here are 9 Things Tourists Should Avoid This Summer.

The view of Tel Aviv from the Norman Hotel.

If you want to get some inspiration from other travelers, you can read about their experiences in our special Holy Landings section.

Visitors to Israel at Ben-Gurion International Airport.

>> Still got some time left? Some more suggestions:

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